Hadith (حديث) It means “something new” or a “talk”. In Islam, Hadith refers to that which is attributed to the Prophet (SAW) as regards words, actions or approvals, physical features and characteristics.


Ameen (آمين) Ameen is the Arabic version of the word Amen which has its origins in Hebrew and means ‘so be it’. Ameen is often said after a supplication (dua) with the spiritual meaning: “O […]

Alayhi Salam

Alayhi Salam (عليه السلام) Alayhi-salam means ‘Upon Him/Her Be Peace’. It is a respectable phrase said after mentioning a Prophet, an Imam or other very high-status figures. It is often represented by the acronym (AS), […]


(as) ((ع)) AS is usually in brackets (AS). It means ‘Peace be upon him’ in Arabic (Alayhi salam), and is said after the names of Prophets and Imams usually – for resepect. Prophet Muhammed usually […]


salam (سلام) Salam means “Peace”. It’s like saying ‘Hi!’ – It is the most shortened version of the Islamic greeting (Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh) and originates from the hebrew greeting ‘Shalom’. If someone says […]